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If you know and care that your conference content, presentation, sales pitch, webinar or training is done wonderfully but you need help getting it to the next level, then you're in the right place.

I won't teach you to be someone you're not. I coach you to confidently present using your own unique abilities, strengths, and style.

-Patti Schutte

Work with Patti Schutte. Your Presentation Coach.

If you're a CMO, a conference event manager, a business owner, or an individual professional -  you need a presentation coach. You need a 1-on-1 coach who deeply understands you, your business, your conference and your audience. You need a coach who can provide specific, detailed, tailored techniques that will make THE difference.


Conference Event Managers, Content Managers, CMOs
Business Owners, Sales Teams, Webinar Teams
Individual Professionals

"I've seen lots of 'presentation experts' and Patti is the best."

- Conference Event Manager