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We knocked it out of the park!! Our audience was engaged and many said it was one of the best presentations they had ever seen at the conference. We think our graphics-heavy presentation (thanks to Patti) kept the audience focused on our story and didn't feel like what they would normally see back at work. 

- Kimberly Breen, Conference Speaker


"[My co-presenter] and I participated in your webcasts and took your advice. The audience loved it! We ended up winning the best of award at the conference and both feel that you deserve much of the credit for that”. 

Conference Speaker


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I had never presented at a conference before, not to mention as a customer spotlight in front of thousands. I was nervous and worried about getting our company's story across and not making a fool of myself. The presentation came together beautifully. The audience was so engaged! Thank you again, Patti. 

- Conference Mainstage Spotlight Presenter


Brilliant to offer Patti's assistance. I've been speaking at conferences for 40 (not a typo, alas) years, and this is the first time anyone ever offered speaker assistance. No surprise your conference is so exceptional.

- David Stephensen, Conference Speaker


Thank you sooooooo much!!! BTW - I met someone that worked with you last year; he immediately said, 'I can totally tell you worked with Patti...' =) Your brand is strong!

- Catherine Tradd, Conference Speaker


I know our customers really appreciated your feedback and I learned a ton from you. Thanks again for making sure everyone was prepared and helping to create interesting and memorable presentations! I'm definitely hoping to work with you again.

- Daniel Haggerty III,

Content and Social Marketing Manager 


Patti's attention to detail--to the little things--makes the difference between good and great. The way that she communicates those little things back to me made such a huge difference for great in getting my message across!! 

- Marcelo Pozzetti d'Arce,

Conference Spotlight Speaker


I wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU...you helped make onsite logistics, rehearsal, and the final show amazing.

- Robert Schmid 'Mr. IoT',

Conference Keynote

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