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You have to present or train A LOT. You have to write your own content and design your own slides and you simply don't have enough hours in the day to do your best work. And worse, you aren't even sure if your presentations are making the impact and generating the results you need. You might have even conducted a web search about presentation tips and tricks, yet that didn't seem to make the difference. You desire REAL, MEANINGFUL advice and practical applications that will produce results and measurable success at your never next presentation situation. 

I once had a client tell me my presentation tips were, “Toastmasters on steroids.”

-Patti Schutte

I work with individual professionals who care TREMENDOUSLY about how they present and the preservation of their own personal brand and/or the brand of the company they work for.


Over the years, I have found that people want to do well when they present, but either they’ve convinced themselves they are better than they really are or they’ve settled for, "I’m just not that good." They read articles and perhaps attend speaking classes, but it doesn’t move the needle on their performance.


I do not believe a cookie-cutter formula applies to presentation coaching. You are you and your unique and powerful presentation style should be embraced and exploited for maximum impact. Work with me and you'll attain that type of strong, completely you presenter style. 

My perfect solution is making you - YOU! Coaching you to be engaging, inspiring and memorable in a style that is confidently YOU. That is my #1 goal for everyone I coach!

-Patti Schutte

Work with Patti

My training package for individual professionals seeking to better their presentation skillset includes onsite and/or virtual training on how to storyboard, design and deliver compelling presentations and 1-on-1 individualized presentation improvement plans. I also offer a one-off presentation design package for high stake presentations that include presenter practice sessions.


Need a customized approach?

I want my customers to know that solid, REAL, high-value presentation coaching exists! What I offer is not just another speaking seminar or blog about presenting. My tailored, 1-on-1 coaching results in you possessing your own personal brand and style of presenting. Contact Me about a customized coaching plan for your specific needs.

Conference Event Managers, Content Managers, CMOs
Business Owners

"Everything went absolutely wonderful, amazing, stupendous, even my live demo. I got fantastic feedback from participants and my management. Thank you for your help on the presentations. This is really working well."

- Kelly St. Andre,


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