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You're stressed about your upcoming user conference. You look at past surveys, and the eval scores on breakout sessions, panels discussions, etc. are low. Your budget is huge (and tight) and you have to prove ROI, which means you need to sell registrations and you need killer content. You lose sleep reading through abstracts, trying, hoping and praying you accept the right ones. Then you hope those accepted will take the chance to present in front of their peers seriously.

Will presenters come prepared and well-practiced? Will their presentations have meaningful takeaways?

Will the content being shared be so good it creates a buzz on social media? Will attendees come back to the conference year after year?


A HUGE complaint of conferences is that they are expensive and the content is mediocre at best--even some of the keynotes they paid big bucks for aren’t great.


My goal is to change that stereotype and make conference content and their presentations AWESOME! My goal is to boost your conference content to the next level.

If you don't improve the conference content, people most likely won't pay the high price tag to attend.

Work with Patti

If your organization is hosting an upcoming conference and it's time to improve the content being presented then you'll want my premium conference package. The package includes live and/or on-demand training webinars, 1-on-1 virtual coaching sessions, keynote preparation, and onsite support.


Need a customized approach?

I want my customers to know that solid, REAL, high-value presentation coaching exists! What I offer is not just another speaking seminar or blog about presenting. I have years of experience supporting user conferences that result in tangible ROI and leaves your presenters and attendees jazzed they attended your conference. If you want this for your conference then Contact Me about a customized coaching plan for your specific conference needs.

Business Owners, Sales Teams, Webinar Teams
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"When it comes to putting on a great conference, it starts with great content and inspirational speakers. And that’s what Patti helps deliver. She’s a real pro, providing coaching, speaking guidelines, and input that make speakers give the very best they can. She’s worked with CEOs on large-scale keynotes, all the way to intimate panel discussions. Having Patti on my events truly makes a big difference."

- Charlie Ungashick,