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Your business has a marketing strategy that includes webinars, but you don’t have the in-house expertise to write, create, and deliver a webinar that gets talked about. Perhaps your high stakes presentations aren't resonating in your organization. Or, you encounter inconsistencies in branding and messaging throughout your internal and external presentations. You lie awake at night thinking about how the delivery of your company's content influences and impacts current and potential customers. You worry if your sales reps are presenting information that leads to best results.

How can we make our sales presentations stand out? What design and delivery techniques should be used to make the difference? Companywide how can our presentations better resonate with staff and customers?  

You know how to run your business.

What you don't know is how to convert that knowledge into a webinar or presentation that sticks with your audience AND makes a difference to your company’s bottom line. ​

The cost of Patti's services comes back to your business in better sales, consistent messaging, and an increased staff confidence you didn’t even think was possible.

Work with Patti

My training package for business owners includes the development of corporate presentation templates, staff onsite and/or virtual training on how to storyboard, design and deliver compelling internal and external presentations, 1-on-1 team and/or individualized presentation coaching improvement plans. I also offer a one-off presentation design for high stake presentations that include presenter practice sessions.

Need a customized approach?

I want you to know that know that solid, REAL, high-value presentation coaching exists! What I offer is not just another speaking seminar or blog about presenting. My tailored, 1-on-1 coaching moves the performance needle. Contact Me about a more customized coaching plan for your business needs.

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Conference Event Managers, Content Managers, CMOs
Individual Professionals

"Patti Schutte is one of the best presentation coaches. She has helped me build compelling narratives for many engagements. We’ve worked together on corporate presentations and product launch messaging. We’ve done webinars and training in the nonprofit world and most recently, she has helped me build my messaging as a business owner. Patti is top notch in her field and I highly recommend her services to everyone in need of content layout and presenting help.”

- Kelly Eisenhardt,

BlueCircle Advisors

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