Your Presentation Coach:

Patti Schutte

I started my business in 2011 after a casual conversation with a colleague. She was an Event Manager for a large international user conference and disappointed in survey comments. She knew she needed to increase the value of the content being presented or risk missing registration goals.


She reached out and said, "Patti, you’re the best presenter coach I’ve ever seen. I need you to train my conference presenters via webinars and 1-on-1 virtual coaching sessions. My conference speakers have to be better presenters! We have to have better content results." And that's what I did! 


Patti Schutte, Presentation Coach

My career journey may be atypical, but the diverse volume of presentation and training experiences have modeled me into one of the best! Starting out as a middle school math teacher and coach and then later becoming a 100% commissioned sales director taught me how to quickly read people, train, and present information for best results ... or I didn’t get paid. I've gone on to manage a group of workshop presenters and oversee the content and training department for an educational publishing company. This has increased my expertise in designing and delivering internal and external product training, professional development ILT (instructor-led training) and VILT (virtual instruction-led training) workshops, virtual coaching, and curriculum development.


I am passionate about empowering anyone I coach to absolutely nail their presentation - whatever the presenting situation. I want you to be engaging, inspiring, and memorable by putting your audience first and remembering without them you have no presentation to deliver. 


I believe in today's professional environment, possessing the ability to clearly articulate your point of view and motivate others to join your vision is not a nice-to-have, it's must-have. Being exceptional at presenting is vital.


If you’re in front of an audience,
my mom makes sure you don’t suck.

-Patti's son

For nearly two decades, I have designed and delivered training that equips speakers to instantly and practically elevate their presentation expertise. 


As a result of requests from colleagues to educate their conference speakers, I opened the doors to my consulting business, Schutte Presentation Perfection. Leveraging my vast experience and dynamic presentation style, I bring tangible, easy-to-implement presentation creation and delivery services to corporations, business owners, local leaders, professors, students, career presenters, and conference speakers through onsite and online formats.


My drive for presentation perfection stems from my passionate belief that individuals and organizations must communicate the complex problems and intangible business services and products of today to employees and consumers through clear, easy-to-understand, emotionally provoking means.

Work with Patti. Your Presentation Coach. 

If you're a CMO, a conference event manager, a business owner, a sales team, a webinar production team, or an individual professional, you need a presentation coach. You need a 1:1 coach who deeply understands you, your business, your conference and your audience.


You need a coach who can provide specific, detailed, tailored techniques that will make THE difference.

Conference Event Managers, Content Managers, CMOs
Business Owners, Sales Teams, Webinar Teams
Individual Professionals