Real presentation coaching exists.

Are you in charge of conference content? Are you stressing about an upcoming presentation or training?

You know your conference presenters need to create and deliver better presentations. The demand on you to improve content evaluations is strong, but you don't have the in-house expertise to equip others on how to write, design and deliver exceptional presentations. 


Not to mention, even if you did have the expertise, you don't have the time as the conference is fast approaching...


Or, you value exceptional, well-designed content that is impactfully delivered. You know a dynamic presentation will be the difference maker at your next presentation or towards your overall professional growth and career success, but you're stressed. How can you quickly (and effectively) take your information from brainstorming to storyboard to scripting to slides?


And then there's actually delivering the presentation...


Stop settling and stressing! Learn what GREAT presentations look like when you partner with me and my results-driven coaching style!

Presentations matter! They matter to the audience, to you, and your business.


Stop settling for less than perfection.

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I am a presentation creation and delivery expert. My unique style of training the how-to of effective presentations, webinars and training workshops are extremely complimented and highly referred. In a noisy pool of experts, I stand out because of my simple approaches to crafting powerful messages that make presenters or trainers inspiring, engaging and memorable. How? By providing concrete strategies that engage your audience and immediately transfer to the creation and delivery of your next presentation or training situation.

Patti Schutte, Presentation Coach

What I offer You

I offer virtual and onsite coaching and training for the gamut of scenarios where exceptional presentations and presenter skills are needed: keynotes, tech talks, novice and experienced conference speaking, organizational internal and external training, webinars, sales presentations, and more. Consultations are available to identify your specific coaching needs and cater a solution perfect for you, your business, your conference speakers, your sales team, or any situation that requires a knock-it-out of the park presentation.

What they're saying:

Please note that I am REALLY pleased with Patti Schutte. She has been an excellent resource for me and exactly what I needed to hone my content and delivery, provide me with tips and techniques, and most effectively and importantly, instigate me away from procrastination. Her “soft-deadlines” for submitting to her for review and consultation have been an immense aid to my confidence and productivity. I am confident that this will be my best presentation ever and I really am indebted to her for that...thanks to you for engaging her. The entire event this year will be more successful because of it; her services are well worth your investment.

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-Nathan Rollins, Conference Speaker

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